Shelter, Auchalick Bay

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Original Textile Work

“Exposure roses were constructed by measuring the slope (in percentage form) from mid-tide level at the centre of the beach to each of the eight main compass directions, and hence by drawing rays proportional to the slope in each direction. Steep slopes, represented by long rays and hence by large roses, imply a large amount of topographical shelter around the beach, while short rays and small roses indicate that there is little shelter.” - W. Ritchie, March,1975. Beaches of Cowal, Bute and Arran.

Year: 2018
Size: each piece is 41cm x 25.5 cm on wooden canvas stretcher
Materials: Harris Tweed and freehand embroidery
From my 2018 Summer Exhibition: "Hush - a quiet exploration of the Cowal Peninsula"
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