Fieldwork, Rhue Peninsula

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Original Piece

An observation of the geology of the Rhue peninsula near Arisaig, Scotland, undertaken during a walk in the area.

The rocks that form this peninsula are known as the Morar Group, part of the Moine Supergroup which dominates much of the Highlands between the Moine Thrust Belt and the Great Glen Fault. These began as sediments deposited in shallow waters some 800 million years ago, which have subsequently undergone many phases of metamorphism, whereby heat and pressure have altered their structure.

Walking through the landscape the complex forms the of psammite rocks, fault structures and intrusions of basalt, give a glimpse into the story of this place.

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Year: 2018
Size: 16" x 16" (approx. 41 x 41 cm) on wooden canvas stretcher
Materials: Harris Tweed and freehand embroidery
Framed in a light wood floating frame and ready to hang
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