Private Art Commission - Raasay, Geology

“I did my undergraduate thesis on Raasay in the late 1970s.” - No pressure in creating this geological map commission then!!!

“…arrived today and just to say I am delighted with it. It’s a lovely reminder of Easter and summer 1978 spent walking around the island. I mapped the southern half and my partner mapped the northern half, sharing a dilapidated caravan that leaked midges! We borrowed bikes and the end of the day cycle home always seemed to be downhill. I can pinpoint the spot I watched an otter with a salmon and where I startled a stag in the mist on the east coast at Hallaig.”

Textile Art Commission - Geology of Isle of Raasay, ScotlandGeological Map of Raasay, Textile Art by Jane Hunter Appliqué Art, Raasay, Scotland by Jane Hunter 

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