TIGHNABRUAICH GALLERY, Seaside House, Tighnabruaich, Argyll, PA21 2DR

Summer 2018

A new body of work which looks at this remote area from a different perspective and considers different aspects of how the landscape has been formed. Using geological and topographical data to express the physicality of shapes and forms, alongside conservational research to interpret the impact of weathering and erosion on the landscape.

Hush - Art Exhibition - Things to do in Argyll Summer 2018

Hush’ the quiet nature of the area, in terms of population, gentle sounds of wildlife, a feeling of tranquility, sheltered bays and inlets, peaceful contemplation.

Hush’ soft, warm, natural wool with a thickness and texture which absorbs sound, reminiscent of grass or moss underfoot absorbing footsteps.


The artworks being exhibited are constructed using natural Scottish textiles, cut and stitched using hand and free machine embroidery. Taking inspiration from maps, charts and scientific diagrams, the works will invite the viewer to ask questions of the landscape, create a deeper understanding and connection to place.

"I think there’s a quiet confidence and poise about all the pieces in this exhibition. Its just so clearly the work of a talented artist who is doing her own thing really bloody well." 


Kate Davies

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