One of the most frequently asked questions I am asked is: "how are your prints made?"

Before framing my original work, I take the piece to a fine art photographer and print house in Glasgow. He lays the work out flat with a complicated lighting and camera set up to capture the sharpest and truest image possible and add a positive relief to the print which makes it jump from the paper, much like the original.
I select a textured, archival art paper which gives the best quality rendering of the print and which also replicates the "woolliness" of the original cloth. I have the prints made in small batches, check the quality of the printers work, and only then do I sign and number the piece. Then they are carefully backed with board and wrapped.

The vast majority of people who visit my studio really can't believe they are looking at a print.

In the right conditions, with professional framing, the quality of the print will last a lifetime, without fading.