My Colour Palette


A palette of Jane's thread A palette of Jane's Harris Tweed collection 

The techniques used to create my textile maps combine free-hand embroidery and appliqué with materials of thread and Harris Tweed. The delicately balanced mix of colour and shades in the cloth, taken directly from nature and flecked through the wool, provides me the perfect palette to represent the land.

Perhaps as important as the colour of the cloth is the story and heritage of the islands and people of the Outer Hebrides who weave this iconic fabric.  

In the words of the Harris Tweed Authority:

"The long, barren archipelago on the far north west tip of Europe is home to every dyer, blender, carder, spinner, warper, weaver, finisher and inspector of Harris Tweed.  No part of the process takes place elsewhere.

As such, the land and people are woven into the very fabric of the cloth, reflecting as it does the colours of the landscapes, the beauty of our vistas and the values of our people."

Harris Tweed - Colours of the Land, Sky and Flora

"For me, the provenance and heritage of Harris Tweed adds another layer to the narrative I hope to communicate through my work."