True Colours

I can't hold my tongue any longer.

Fuck you Mr Trump, FUCK YOU!

Scotland Wool Map with threads reaching out to the world

Your Muslim ban is sod all to do with protecting your great nation. It is downright racism. Clear and simple. You and all your rich, white buddies are self-serving fascists who will stop at nothing to increase your wealth and power for the benefit of no-one but yourselves. Your true colours have been nailed to the mast and hoisted high enough for the entire world to see you for what you really are.

I can no longer sit here and watch you screw up our planet, our humanity.

Map of UK made with Harris Tweed and hand dyed yarn

I made this image in September 2016. Originally a response to the rise of xenophobia in the UK as a result of the EU referendum and the stark difference in the message sent out from Scotland and the Westminster government.

The rise of xenophobia has now reached a global and truly terrifying scale.

While it doesn't make me happy that the image I made is only developing greater and deeper meaning as the days go by, what does make me happy is how much about it flies in the face of Trump's fascist, xenophobic, homophobic, mysoginistic bullshit:

  • I made this - I'm a woman
  • The Harris Tweed I used - woven in Lewis, where Trump's mother was born and raised before emigrating to America
  • The yarn I used - dyed by a woman, a member of the LGBTQ community who is a Canadian immigrant, now UK citizen 
  • The diverse colours of the yarn - represent Scotland's inclusiveness to people of ALL nationalities and ethnicities
  • The strands reaching from Scotland - firstly to Europe, but carry on to the Middle East and indeed all around the world. Scotland welcomes ALL
  • Sadly, Westminster continues to be a grey vortex owing to Theresa May's compliance with tyranny

Yarn vortex of Westminster Parliament

It's hard to think, given the scale of what is happening, what we as individuals can do. I've decided to try to use this work in some way that might help. Even if it's just a small contribution at the moment, it's something. 

I will donate half of the sale price of this work, £925, to The Scottish Refugee Council - A charity with the vision for a Scotland in which all people seeking refugee protection are welcome. It is a place where women, children and men are protected, find safety and support, have their human rights and dignity respected and are able to achieve their full potential.

If you are the person who would like to own this piece and facilitate the donation to The Scottish Refugee Council click here to find out more.

Jane Hunter - Scottish Artist - Wool Map of UK

You might ask: "why don't you donate the full sale price to charity?". I wish I could. I'm a mother and an artist, I don't have a wealthy benefactor, I don't have a lot of money. I make art to earn a modest living.



Anna MacQuarrie

A beautiful representation of keeping our hearts and minds open. Thank you for sharing.

Eleanore Bremner

Well written Jane. Articulate and tallented. Your Art Will continue to speak for you.

Liz Miller

Thank you. We are disgusted by the attack on democracy by this blatantly racist and stupid administration. I’m a Canadian who cares deeply about my American friends and neighbours, as well as all the refugees and immigrants affected by this madman and his puppet masters. Let’s all keep #resist ing.

Kristin Freeman

Wonderfully articulated writing on a subject of great sadness for me, an American. Working with people in my state to do actions, writing, gathering, being present at legislative meetings to stand firm against these horrific actions of our president.

India Tresselt

Thank you for this post. I am so very, very sorry for what my country—my President!—is doing to humanity. I am ashamed and embarassed. But even more, I am angry. I marched last week in the Women’s March in Montpelier, Vermont. I marched again today in Burlington to support refugees and immigrants and to protest this horrible ban. Hundreds of thousands of us are marching and rallying across the country. I will not be silent. I will be visible, I will make noise. I only pray that the damage done before we can change this despicable administration will not be too terrible, too great, but any damage, including that which he has already caused, is too much.

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