Inspired by Islay

Inspired by Islay Watercolour Painting by Jane Hunter

Back in January I wrote about meeting the inimitable Kate Davies. 


Inimitable: so good or unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique.


This is Kate.

Kate Davies Snood by Tom Barr Photography

She’s so good, as in talented. But more than that, she’s good, as in kind, generous, warm-hearted. 

Unique? Absolutely. A gifted wordsmith with an inquisitive mind. A designer and maker, author and historian, Kate is a creative force of nature who marches onward, despite a serious physical set-back, with ever increasing strides.

This I discovered while working with Kate on her recent publication ‘Inspired by Islay’.

Book Cover - Inspired by Islay - Knitwear Design by Kate Davies

Not content with producing a book of knitting patterns, Kate recruited a group of photographers, craft makers, linguists and artists to help distill the spirit of the island which means so much to her.

Geological Map of Islay in Textiles by Jane HunterMy role was researching and artistically responding to the geology of Islay. A glimpse of my work and findings are below. To see it in full you’ll have to buy the book, or pop into my studio for a look at my copy. Or, read more about the background of the piece on Kate's blog.

Rocks of Islay Geology - Colour Key - Textile research - Jane Hunter

Islay Geology by Artist Jane Hunter

The passion and integrity behind every one of Kate’s projects is inspiring. Take,for instance, her new line of knitwear. Made in a historic mill in the Borders of Scotland Kate, and talented photographer husband Tom Barr, give us a glimpse into an often secret world of knitwear production and the people behind the finished garments. This woman doesn’t do things by half!


I truly feel as though I’ve met a kindred spirit.

Jane & Kate Laughing


Commission an artist in Scotland

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