How can you map a feeling?

On the 24th June 2016 I made a piece entitled 'Haud Oan'. This was my immediate response to the results of the EU referendum which signalled the UK's exit from the EU and an image which, I soon discovered, summed up the feelings of many. 

In the weeks and months following I, along with the rest of the world, waited to hear what 'Brexit' means. 

Turns out Brexit means... well, Brexit. (Great, glad that's been cleared up)

I know I'm not alone in thinking Brexit means... everything I hoped it wouldn't, but feared it would be. 

It seems to me that the signs of divergence between Scotland and the rest of the UK are only becoming more stark. 

Jane Hunter Artist - Untitled 2016 - Map of UK with colourful yarn

Maps usually provide factual information about an area, showing physical features of the land. The coloured map I referenced in 'Haud Oan' provides factual information about how the majority of people in each area of the country voted.

How can you map a feeling? As I cut the intricate coast line of the British Isles from the rich green Harris Tweed, I considered this. 

As I stitched the lengths of 'greige' wool through the coastline of the UK and pulled it back through into Westminster, a swirling vortex appeared...

Warm, varied and vibrant colours of wool are stitched from Scotland. They come together, dynamic, reaching out, welcoming and still haudin' oan.

Jane Hunter Artist - Untitled 2016 - Map of UK with colourful yarn from Scotland

This land

Abound with shades and hues,



But a tilt shift,

a definite rift.

Colour draining away.

Inward, dark,

and grey.

Look up without superiority.

Vibrance and warmth.

Welcoming. Diversity.

A depth of palette.

And richer for it.


words by Sam Kilday


In the past couple of weeks as I have looked at this image, it seems to say even more and only gain relevance as things progress. My hope for Scotland is that our warm vibrant colours are not drained into the vortex. 

Jane Hunter Artist - Untitled 2016 - Map of UK with greige wool Westminster Vortex

Purchase this piece and 50% of the sale price will go directly to the Scottish Refugee Council

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  • Kay Leitch

    Beautiful piece of work. Yes, almost prescient. Great title too!

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