Causing a stooshie at The National!

Oops.  I certainly did not intend my artwork to start a fight!  I guess it's due to the fact that this piece sums up not just my feelings, but the feelings of a large number of people too.

Following on from the huge response I received on my social media, I entered this image to The National Newspaper's competition to design their front page on the 2nd anniversary of the Scottish Independence Referendum. 

Read more about the story behind 'Haud Oan' here

Jane Hunter - Threads pulling towards Europe  - The National Newspaper

On the 2nd anniversary of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum I think this image is just as, if not more, poignant. 

Since the EU referendum result we have heard much about a fresh Independence Referendum. 
Some of the First Minister’s statements on 24th June particularly struck a chord with me when looking back at my image:
“Scotland is an outward looking, open and inclusive country” - the threads from Scotland reaching to the rest of the world.
“this is a sign of divergence between Scotland and large parts of the UK” - the visible gulf at the border.
“there has been a significant and material change in circumstances” - material, the image is… well, material!
“bring people together in common cause and lead our country forward as one” - again the threads from Scotland pulling together and reaching out.
More recently the launch of the National Survey, again I feel links to this image. 
Supporters of independence need to be patient, listen to the concerns of others and not rush into a second referendum. “Before we start talking, we must listen”.
The message I get from this is literally ‘Haud Oan’!

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