Brexit Plan: It's all a bit woolly.

Jane Hunter Brexit Britain Map Art

I'm no activist, I have no party affiliation and I never imagined I would be making a political statement with my work but, of late it has become difficult to ignore the stark divide in the political landscape. 

Scary, far-right views have found their way into the mainstream and obviously shout louder than those of us who quietly care about the other inhabitants of our wee planet. 

I made this textile art piece in response to the result of the EU Referendum and the associated negativity that filtered through to me from down south. In Scotland, amongst my family, peers and neighbours I could still feel a sense of hope and desire to keep the rise of xenophobia at bay. 

I wrote a bit more about this piece in my blog in October.

Having this work in my studio gallery has lead to some very interesting conversations. Come away in for a blether anytime.

Large Framed Map Art

Handcrafted in West Kilbride with Harris Tweed and hand-painted yarn by Old Maiden Aunt.


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