A Creative Exchange

Earlier this year, as you may know, I was involved in the 'Inspired by Islay' project with the hugely talented knitwear designer Kate Davies.

From the moment Kate showed me the collection of designs that were to be featured in her book, I fell deeply in love with the 'Oa Hoody'. It's a fairisle allover hoody named for the dramatic peninsula at Islay's southern tip - The Oa.

Kate Davies in her Oa Hoody

In March, when Kate's new book was released, I posted an image on my Instagram feed with a hopeful, yet cheeky comment pleading for someone to knit the hoody for me. (Reviving the basic knitting, learned from my great grandma many years ago, for this complex pattern was out of the question!)


Geological map of Islay revealed! Such a privilege to be part of this wonderful project, as Kate writes in her latest blog article "I began to see our book as a collective act of map-making: together we were, in our own individual ways, tracing and articulating our own senses of Islay as a place." 💛 You can read more on Kate's blog and purchase a copy of the beautiful 'Inspired by Islay' book on her website. #Repost @katedaviesdesigns with @repostapp ・・・ All maps are interpretive and no map may claim objectivity. The up-front made-up nature of @janehunterart 's work is one of the things I love so much about her work. I've written about our Islay book as an act of map-making over on my blog today (link in profile) . . . . . . #inspiredbyislay #katedavies #islay #island #hebrides #map #maps #geologicalmap #geology #place #scotland #art #scottishart #textileart #wool #knitting #knittersofinstagram #harristweed #embroidery

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Guess what?

A kind, and talented soul answered the call.


Months of scheming and plotting ensued. A creative exchange agreed. Chatting and sharing of thoughts, ideas, memories and measurements. 

A hand-knit wooly jumper for me, a hand made textile map for Shona.

Inspired by Islay - Inspired by Shetland.

A collaboration of people, place, art, design, craft, wool and textiles.


I mapped Shetland memories in cloth for Shona, using some of her collection of Shetland Tweed.

Handmade map of Shetland in Tweed by Jane Hunter

Textile Art Map of Shetland Isles by Jane Hunter

Textiles Map Art of Shetland Isles Scotland


Shona created a new memory for me, in Kate's Buachaille yarn: Colours - Haar, Furze & Moonlight Nicht.

Oa Hoody - Kate Davies - Knitted by Shona Mason - Blue Grey Yellow

Oa Hoody - Kate Davies - Knitted by Shona Mason

Kate Davies Designs Oa Hoody - Hand Knit in Scotland by Shona Mason

Shona Mason Hand Knit Oa Hoody Grey Blue Yellow

Scottish Knitwear Design by Kate Davies - Shona Mason - Jane Hunter - Oa Hoody


Jane Hunter Map Art and Shona Mason Hand Knit - Kate Davies Oa Hoody

Remember this name: Shona Mason - Textile aficionado, wool lover, craft maker.

The skill, time and effort that went into making this piece is astonishing. I am beyond excited about my new sweater, and even more delighted to have made a new friend.

Thank you Shona.

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Christine HAMMELL

Beyond jealous. Had hoped it wouldn’t fit you and I would have cooked a Sunday dinner in exchange for it.

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